Bolbbalgan4 – Travel (여행)

I’m leaving for the airport today
I’m turning off my phone, please don’t look for me
Even if you shout loudly, I can’t help it
I’ll lightly wave my hand bye bye

My youth shined without rest, it was like a dream
Right when I was getting hurt and ruined
I got tired, I went crazy, I’m gonna leave, get out of the way
I fly away Continue reading Bolbbalgan4 – Travel (여행)


Bolbbalgan4 – Wind (바람 사람)

I wake up in the morning
And say with a prim tone
Where are you?
I want to give you this red flower

Did you step over the flower petals?
The sunlight is beautiful
I picked an armful of pretty flowers
Riding the wind and waiting
But you’re not coming Continue reading Bolbbalgan4 – Wind (바람 사람)

ELO ft. Dynamic Duo – Lip Service

Your dewy flower petal shyly says hello
Even the dazzling moonlight is dark compared to you
You’re my small shooting star
My baby, baby, don’t cry
Then I’ll give you some milkshake
Our sweet paradise

Baby why don’t you know
These aren’t just empty words
Baby I want your love
Without knowing, I start to smile Continue reading ELO ft. Dynamic Duo – Lip Service

DAVII ft. Heize – Only Me (나만 이래)

Even though the cold snow melted
And the warm sunlight greets me
I’m not fine
My heart is still frozen
Whatever I do, I have no interest

There’s still so much to do
But I can’t seem to grasp anything
I don’t even think this emptiness is from you anymore
But I’m just staring outside the window Continue reading DAVII ft. Heize – Only Me (나만 이래)