HIGHTEEN – Tap It (달콤해)

Durududu durududu yeah durudu duru dududu
Durududu durududu yeah durudu so sweet sweet

Even when our shoulders brush, I can feel it
My heart flutters, what do I do?
I hope you don’t notice how I’m stealing glances at you Continue reading HIGHTEEN – Tap It (달콤해)


HIGHTEEN – Cactus (선인장)

The cactus by the window that drinks the morning dew
The child across the window shining with the morning sunlight
I’m sure she can’t see my frowning face
No one can see me

But then we met eyes
And a love started to rise up from deep in my heart
After an empty day passed
I’m sitting by the dark window and my tears become dew Continue reading HIGHTEEN – Cactus (선인장)

fromis_9 – DKDK (두근두근)

Even if my heart is trembling, can it tremble this much?
It’s finally here, the day I circled on my calendar
For the past few days, I concentrate on anything so I got scolded
I knew I should study but I’m only scribbling your name

Abracadabra, clock hands go slower
Going round and round, with this good weather, on this earth Continue reading fromis_9 – DKDK (두근두근)