The EastLight – Don’t Stop

I’m going right now on my board
I won’t look back, I’ll only look forward
So when tomorrow comes, I can laugh
At all the hardships of today

Don’t stop believing, I will find my dreams
Don’t stop keep dreaming, for my future
Don’t stop the music, let’s all sing Continue reading The EastLight – Don’t Stop


The EastLight – Real Man (레알 남자)

One day, by chance, I saw you
Long, straight, black hair, white skin, my dream girl
When I found courage to talk to you
A tall guy was standing next to you

What is this? Is he your friend?
Is he your boyfriend? I’m nervous
But still, I’ll dash, I’ll have courage
It’s now or never Continue reading The EastLight – Real Man (레알 남자)

The EastLight – Are You Okay (넌 괜찮니)

How many days have passed? I keep thinking about you
Again today, as soon as I open my eyes, I’m depressed
As I look into my phone in my hands
With a hopeful heart, I want to hear from you

I text you and call you but
I don’t hear anything from you, my number’s been blocked
I try looking for your social network
But your window is closed, I can only sigh Continue reading The EastLight – Are You Okay (넌 괜찮니)