24k – To.FOR YOU (Kisu Solo)

The night we first saw each other
Do you remember?
That warm moment in September

You said you’re always on my side
That you’ll always be with me so I’ll never be shaken Continue reading “24k – To.FOR YOU (Kisu Solo)”


24k – Overflow

I shouldn’t have touched your smile
I thought you’d be more happy because of me
Foolishly, I buried all the warnings and anxieties
Inside my greed and swallowed it up

Come closer into my arms and rest
Fill your eyes up with me, trap me inside
Hold my hand Continue reading “24k – Overflow”

24k – Blue

I’m filling myself up with the colors of the faded memories
Even the pieces of painful memories have gotten dull
Actually, I’m just acting like that
I still feel bad about forgetting you

Tell me what you feel
what you feel
I remember seeing you asleep
I need your warmth
But I just remember your coldness Continue reading “24k – Blue”

24k – INTRO (LUV IT)

Every day, I think about you baby, ride or die
In my crazy life, you’re a small muse baby
Grip you tight Grip me tight
A criminal that controls me

Gotta run away before your X sees me now
It’ll be an embarrassment if he knows I stole you
I don’t wanna be a bad guy, hurry, I don’t wanna rush
so we gotta go so we gotta go
I just need you Continue reading “24k – INTRO (LUV IT)”