Jeon Woo Sung (Noel) – Return Home (귀가) Life OST Part 4

An unknown sadness is washing over me
A soft trickle of tears are falling down
My way back home is becoming distorted
The world is busy and I’m busy too
Another day is passing

I need someone, I’ve stopped in place
I need someone to stay with me when things are hard
My heart is freezing, I’ve lost my way
The city has turned its head against me, I’m still alone

Someone to walk me home
There’s no one like that anymore
People keep making promises that they can’t keep
And then they forget

The world will keep going even without me
They say true happiness is in success
Time is ticking, my dreams are withering
Loneliness is just a luxury, I need to survive

Endless ambition rises when everyone is asleep
Like rough waves, the day clashes against me, trying to swallow me
So I close my eyes

I can’t sleep
Silence creeps up on me
Tomorrow will resemble yesterday
It’s calling me
It’s telling me

Good night, good night, good night
Good night, good night, good night
That’s how I fall asleep

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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