Nafla, OLNL, ODEE (ft. Giriboy, Swings) – SF Skills (공상과학기술) Show Me The Money 777

Sci-fi skills
Sci-fi skills
Sci-fi skills
Science (x4)

Unlock the memo app in your iPhone, the genre is SF technology
In my eyes, there’s a fake reality, VR experience, facetime call me
The 10-year old SLY who lived to open the science box
Researches about science artists, music and the bed are science

I realize it’s science fiction, experiment costs are the cost of my body
I’m building up my future, arriving on the spaceship
I’m in a gondola, crossing over the moon, wherever I am, I rise up like crazy
I’m at the top, I’m at the top

My fantasy, illusions, fetish, they don’t get cut, no tumblr
Your sixteen bars make me go up, thank you bro, keep using your psychokinesis
I’m walking in air, below me is my growing karma
I write what I do and I make things happen
The skills I learned from being a sci-fi major

There’s Iqos smoke in the lab, the beaker in my head is always overflowing
When I get up, all trash is disposed, there’s no use
Those who will succeed, will succeed in this reality, I’m always laying above them
My past is your present controversy, the knowledge of a sci-fi skilled person

Sci-fi skills
Sci-fi skills
Sci-fi skills
Science (x4)

Red hair
I’m the only one making money
Far apart from other rappers
Again today, I’m busy at work
Pour it out on my rap
Alcohol in my cup
Or coke
it’s na to fla
When I come, the vibe changes
I know

Look at me
Over there
I don’t speak
up na, when I come
To the rappers’ lab
they pick up
See, this is how you do it
Doing it completely new
How I do it with American water
oh boy I fuk it up
It’s a cool fit
kill em beats
Making my cheese

With Swings and Giriboy
We’re going to the top
I win

Filling up my pocket
Stealing and running far away
The time is here to make some music
yall doin nothing
(it’s nothing)
na to the fla yeah
It’s a work sickness
i’m always pedal to the top
Every day, my music skills go up
na to the fla
I’m still always busy
Science fiction

I’m an insivible being, secretly tickling you
But you’re wearing special glasses and I’m soon caught
I have two tickets for the time machine, wanna go?
I think about making my dreams into reality every day
My head is like SF hey hey
Something comes up and shines hey hey
When I finally hold on hey hey
I’m climbing up and going to space
SF movie actor, fill it all up with CG
Film by the alien, 0 languages, GR BOY
SF movie actor, shoot a laser gun pyoong
Film by executive director Swings Spielberg
The movie is over but
I haven’t eaten the popcorn yet
It’s alright, I’ll get in the time machine and go back
Then change my size

When I was young, I saw for the first time, ET by Spielberg
Jurassic Park, my worse nightmares did come from his works
The person who made those masterpieces
Sculpted my life
Science fiction spaceship
Is soon gonna be our reality
Who can deny it?
We’ll be able to ride self-driven planes to get chips from the market
Take a few pills to get cured from cancer
Only the body odor from my schoolmate wearing summer clothes
Tests my acceptance limit
anything is possible shout out to Adidas
I’m taking my bowl and spoon, pulling up to feed us
VR glasses on to look at the fetus
Clone eight Swings and eight Giri’s
Wanna leave my spaceship at home, walkin on a cloud
Then I won’t be jealous of Goku yeah
Same place, different time, maybe
Same place, same dimension, wanna go everywhere

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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