Im Chae Eon – Like The Miracle of Memories (기억이란 기적처럼) Devilish Joy OST Part 5

Memories of us in love, your smiling face
It makes my heart tingle like looking at an old photo
All of our happy memories are so far away
You’re disappearing into time like foam

All of my moments have frozen into that memory
Like that especially sunny day
I’m walking through the happy times
Though you’re not here anymore, I’m walking on that path

I can’t forget your sad face
How you cried over my cruel words
You waited for me in the street on that midsummer night
I faintly remember how you kissed me

That day, you changed the meaning of all my moments
Like that especially moonlit day, I’m living through the happy times
Though you’re not by my side anymore, I’m drawing you out

I forgot for a moment, your voice from back then
Now I always remember how we used to sit together

You made all of my moments so happy
Like the day I was happy for no reason
I’m living with the woman who I used to love, forever together
Now I won’t ever let go of your hands

I hope you will remember

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