Nafla – Bite (물어) Show Me The Money 777

This history book started in ’92
Ever since I was born, hip hop was in me
who the fuck is me
I keep
Going up
Always smoothly

Time to play is every day
At the studio
Riding the flow

madison sqaure
Wait for my entrance
After I work a bit
ill be there

one pop two pop mc, take it in
Switch this scene, make it all new
Like me

From 15 to 27
still kickin’
Look a tme

rockin LA hat

fuck a mixtape now
You all talk about old things
i gotta do this for my fans
Don’t get in my way
na for rescue
My mouth is a gun
put a fukin bang on you
Then run away, blazin up

I’m sure it’s hard to watch
I’m turning off my phone
All these losers
Their raps are always so obvious
Of course, like the rookies
I’m on a come up
I’m making all the money
na be
nothing to fuck wit

kill that 4 ,5, 6 cup
kill that 4 ,5, 6 cup
Pointing to my speaker
Pointing to my speaker

kill that 4 ,5, 6 cup
kill that 4 ,5, 6 cup
Pointing to my speaker
Pointing to my speaker

back in the game
It’s all like that
yall do ya thang
I’m like that

You think I thought about this

If you can understand my swag
yall better feel me

i be back with gang,
smoking a pack
with my N silver chain
on my neck

You’re nothin’
Your masks are all like amateurs
You dare try to look cool in front of me?
runnin the beat up
Go through your memories
Pouring out a glass
4 5 and 6 cup
My clothes are maker ye
yall be wish for ye
Now I can’t walk anywhere
Streets are packed
You act strong on the outside
That’s your weapon for not being good enough
NA be killin
I’m still young
A villain that cleans the ears that are sick of hiphop
na to the fla
killin all tracks

Give me all the money
Take it all, making more
Betting it on my future
yeah yeah

The rest are the rest
It’s obvious, they fallin

I’ma swallow them all up
im a goblin

Place your bets
Betting on me, all in

Hurry, go and watch
All you who had so much to say

Shut your mouth

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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