EK, ODEE, Zene The Zilla, Coogie – Guys (자식들) Prod by The Quiett (Show Me The Money 777)

I want more love and my voice is a religion
Fame and money taste good, it’s perfect for change
I’m getting more relaxed, slowly beating the other players, soon being the leader
A guy whose never seen a thousand dollars in cash
Now picks it out like it’s a box of tissues
Who said I wouldn’t make it? Words are easy
It’s too hot in that empty concert hall
My actions and habits are connected to success
I saw it, my future, so clearly
You’ve never even tried
Why are you scared without even trying?
Came from the bottom but now I’m on top in this drama
This can’t be edited, you can’t play tricks
My actions and habits are connected to success
I held onto the opportunities in my hands

After Show Me was over, the 777 life came to me
I won’t play slots, a fight for probability, cuz I have assurance in my hands
More excitement than having a good hand
I’m gonna throw my dad the best 60th birthday party next year
Feel alive yeah yeah, i feel so good like I’m dead
But I’m alive, I feel the orbit, you’ll never understand
I’m happy with no time to rest
The only thing that rests is my voice, I’m sharpening my craft
SLY is VMC, paying the price for my size
Every year, it increases, the size of my portion
You can disappear but I won’t be mourning
I don’t need time to mediate, that’s a luxury
I wanna see my single get released
Your jaws will drop, all over the world
Shout out to Don Mills, we’re still going up
Even higher

My hair, watch and teeth are the color of money
You already know, I don’t need a job
My teeth and my time are gold, my life shines so much
I’m so excited
Keeping my promise to go on Show Me The Money and make money man
Mom, I’m on TV like Post Malone
She’s looking at me, that pretty, got two watermelons
All those guys with no hope, sticking my tongue out
I’m taking my money, even bigger
It’s exploding, once again
I’m running to take my money
It’s exploding, the walls are crumbling down

baby i’m your motivate
Like EK, makin splash
walk it like i talk it
ODEE’s mode is airplane
Like Zilla, colored green
Hive yellow with swag
I’m a legend like Superbee with Quamo team
Show Me can never hold all of us
We’re jewels like diamond
If you only know Pump just shut your mouth
Instead of getting jealous, listen carefully
TV can’t hold us all
vmc atm illionaire signs up
No one can stop me except soldiers
Big companies get involved but I don’t compromise
Like holding a gun, clack pow
Bill stack in my account
Two chefs in my ATM
Don’t forget like Keith Ape
Like holding a gun, clack pow
Bill stack in my account
One and only Coogie case
ATM keep going and going

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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