HerCheck (SuperKidd) – Grill, Fry, Boil (지지고 볶고 데쳐) Dae Jang Geum Is Watching OST Part 1

Don’t bottle it inside, just tell me right away
Everything that you ever wanted
Something to keep buried, let’s keep it at kimchi
Grill it, fry it, boil it, tell me what’s on your mind
Stop giving up so easily, just go
Do everything you ever wanted to do
Giving up is good enough with just the cabbage1
Grill it, fry it, boil it, tell me what’s on your mind

“Who do you think you are? Keep saying things to me?”
Just when you get annoyed at me, I’ll make you jjajangmyun
When you cry when you wanna cry, it’ll feel good
Let’s eat this when you feel better, tangsooyuk
If things get awkward between us
Let’s get cooking, simply us together, one bite each
Now we’re cool, let’s stick together like meat and lettuce wrap

Say bye bye to all the times you were burning up
Don’t be scared from the start, let’s do it now
The start is the half-way point, half sauce, half fried
The star of this movie is me, chicken
If you fall down, just lay down
Nothing will happen if you take a break
Look at the stars spilling across the sky
I found some peace in my life, feel so good ye

Let’s sing loudly (hey)
Let’s eat more deliciously (hey)
For me, who I love, me me me
For a long lasting happiness, la la la

Things you wanna do, food you wanna eat
Everything, bippity boppity boo
What my mom and dad want the most from me
Is for me to live happily
If you live with thick-skin, life is fun
What? Let me introduce you to work life balance and happiness in the small things
So I can be sweet like caramel, stay sticky, stay happy

1 “to give up” is the same as the counter for cabbage

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