Byun Ji Seop – To.Jia (아빠가 딸에게) My Only One OST Part 14

You resemble the sun so your heart is warm
What should I say to you?
You resemble the clouds so your eyes are kind
Though I have nothing more to want from you

First, your warm heart
I hope it remains after you become an adult
I hope you’re someone who thinks of others before yourself
I hope you give comfort to someone

Second, in life, sometimes
There will be days you want to cry
But like a rose that blooms after it rains
Even if it’s sad, I hope you embrace it

Third, I hope you follow your heart
Moving wherever your dream goes
Rather than the things the world tells you
I hope you can find what you want to do, I hope you can find happiness

Fourth, don’t be greedy
In this world, we all live together
Like the instruments in a song
Hearts are moved when there is harmony

The child grows and becomes a girl
And then becomes an adult
That in itself is a blessing

Last, I hope you meet someone
Give birth to a child who resembles you
I hope you will be a beautiful mother
Who can give more love than I ever gave you

I hope

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