Dok2 – Watch Your Mouth (말 조 심)

They be like Dok2 this, Dok2 that
When some avoid reality and run away
When some fix it right away so they don’t get criticized
This is my doping test that proves how dope I am
I’ll show you the reason I’ll never be a celebrity
Im here i dont just come and go by the season
I keep my word, I know what I did
I know that I’m gonna get criticized
I don’t try to put up a shield
Don’t comment on my thorough comments
Don’t interfere unless you know properly
I don’t rest
Bastards who tear me apart like they’ll kill me, I can’t see them outside the Internet
They say I was careless because of my young desire for swag
They say I’m uneducated and I give foolish responses
Kids claim they’ll unfollow me
I’ve never even seen them and only now they’re so full of energy
Is watching me on TV all it takes to be my fan?
You’ve never even put it in deeply, only poked around at the surface
The trends you’re doing is never hip-hop
I’ll say it again, I can’t be a celebrity
They make a fuss saying that I cursed when I said I wasn’t gonna
Then what do to? Here: fuck off, fuck you
Is my image going down now? Am I not allowed to promote now?
You said you’re the one who made me rise? Then am I fucked now?
Popularity is just momentary, okay
If you think hip-hop looks easy, you try it, go ahead
You’ve never met me and you’re debating about my character
If I have to shut up because there are so many eyes on me, what do I do as a rapper?
Reporters have reported
Haters hate, that’s all
Let’s stop wasting time
From now on, imma let go
lets go shout out to JK hyung, Jay Park
real brothas for life yeah that part
shout out Sean2slow, Double K, Tasha nuna,
The Quiett, pyunny, CHANGMO mad props
They’re all going crazy, as if I’m in big trouble
I don’t wanna be like the bastards who diss then apologize right away
I always kept my attitude hiphop
Yeah it may sound childish, yeah I’m fuckin hiphop
Before I’m hiphop, I just did what I had to as a son
Stop with the chattering gossip
Those who know, know, no, it’s deceptive
You heat them up and their pot-like attitude comes out
My third eye tells me, just leave them alone
Life is an elevator, it goes up and down
New people get on, some get off, it repeats, hello bye bye
Ten million is my cost? One month? no cap
Watch what you say? I’m above you all, ball cap
No matter how uneducated I am, I’m smarter than you all
Before you read this and get mad, learn how to be strong
If it’s my mistake, then it’s my mistake, whether or not I regret it
I can’t turn things back anyway so I’m gonna keep growing
No choice but to keep moving forward
So my hand can reach the sky
I don’t hold onto people who want to leave
The heavens and earth know that I have good manners
From a place not even you can reach
I need to say what I need to say in this song
If you’re disappointed by this song, fuck you
You don’t get it anyway, only the real fans, I love u
I don’t lie, I only throw straight facts
Distinguish rap from reality? I have no desire to do so
I became a rap star before I went on TV
The song you know is YGGR? Agree
You’re acting like a victim, always feeling pressured
Hiding behind delusions and masturbating
I’m always the same, I’m faking this image-making
I can’t do it, it’s not in me
Regardless, the reason I’m pissed this time
Is those who call me a hip-hop wannabe
I’m a hip-hop oldie, lover rockin commes des
I can’t allow being criticizing for being hiphop
When watching Show Me and High School rapper is all you have
I’ve never felt hiphop from you
They think I do Instalive because I’m stupid
They say the frog has forgotten its tadpoles? Nope?
I know poverty better than anyone
I don’t sell self-pilgrimage cosplay, emotion-seling drugs
I never went on variety shows wanting to get big
I’ve never acted arrogant cuz I got famous
I’ve never acted calm when I’m really scared from all the controversy
I’ve never tried to change my attitude, never surrendered, never had a mental breakdown
If I have one crime, it’s only that I watched my mother’s back
If someone betrayed anyone, it’s just dust washing off of my shoulder
They say I’m a black-haired foreigner, I’m just a mixed-blood yellow haired Korean, what’s wrong with that
Since when did you care so much about me?
i say Good Vibe Only, Bad Vibes Lonely
its ILLIONAIRE, AMBITION always watch your mouth

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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