Kim Dae Yeon – That Face of Yours (너의 그 표정) Dae Jang Geum Is Watching OST Part 11

I’m going to erase everything now
Memories of this potent love
I’ll erase it all
Happy memories like a dream

I happened to see your face looking so happy
It was so clear why you had to leave me

I hated you, I really hated you
Without a word, you left me so I hated you
How will you live a good life without me?
I cursed you every day, as I longed for you at the same time

In our old photos I looked up to erase
I saw your face that looked even happier
That face of yours that only I didn’t know

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry
I hate myself for not doing anything for you
How hard must it have been after meeting me
That you couldn’t say anything but just leave?

I hope you’re happy now
Don’t be in pain anymore and put on that happy face

Thank you for loving a guy like me
After you left, I’m being punished
Leave me and be happy now
I’ll pray for you, as I long for you at the same time

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