Ryu Ji Hyun – Dawn (새벽) Top Star Yoo Baek OST Part 2

The faraway memories
Remain the same
Even times I longed for

I’m still in the same place
And you remain in my heart

My long day is falling asleep
Only your voice remains
In this passing night

After the long dawn
I don’t want to go anywhere
When this darkness goes away
I don’t want to go anywhere

In my sleeping dreams
You softly enter
Stay with me

My growing feelings
I’m afraid they’ll disappear suddenly

Like a sand castle
What if it crumbles down in one moment

The warmth that rises tonight
I want to feel it more
This trembling feeling
I never want to let go of it
Just like this

After a long time
I don’t want to go anywhere
Across the wind
I don’t want to go anywhere

Just like the way I imagined and waited for
Stay with me now
Don’t wanna go away
I don’t wanna go away
Don’t wanna go away

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