Jay Park & Kirin – Tonight (오늘밤엔) Prod. By Ugly Duck


Tonight, there’s not much I prepared
But for some reason, I’m excited
Wekeyz is ready next to me
DJ, Sax Play that song
I got your mind, you got my
Right when the sun sets, gather around
Shorts getting wet all the way
I’m talking to you again
Useless things I couldn’t tell you during the day


Don’t wanna listen to sad songs
Seoul’s moon is even brighter tonight
This margarita is for that lady over there
Her lips go up in a smile, it’s a beautiful night
Sunset at Jungdongjin, Yeosu’s night ocean
I’m at a food cart where I can see Gwangahn bridge
Let’s go somewhere, towards the west sea
They say nothing lasts forever but let all moments be like this one
Everyone has one heart, let’s get in a circle
Sit around the campfire with fireworks
Don’t worry about the worries you left behind at home
Tonight, let’s focus on the moment
Till the sun comes up
Chillin’ with my homies
Never get sick of them, no matter how often we meet
Let’s take the night and fly to the palace
Tonight is the night
From dusk to dawn

Tonight’s the night we gon’ get it on
Soju bottle in my hand
I feel the vibes baby it’s so strong
Familiar with faces I’ve seen for the first time
All I wanna do is kick it with you
Baby please just listen
I don’t have any other intention
Let’s start from Itaewon and go to Hongdae
No curfew, we’re free


That day will come
That day will come
In the waves of the future
That day will come

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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