Rothy – Sleepless Night (잠이 오지 않는 밤에) Backstreet Rookie OST Part 4

I think I woke up from missing you
On this silent night

Even the street lights have fallen asleep
So I’m thinking of you even more

Right when the darkness disappears outside the window
Will my feelings run away too?

Sometimes, stay with me like the stars in the sky
Even if it’s a dream that goes away when I open my eyes
These difficult feelings and these normal days
Make me struggle, again today
I miss you suddenly tonight

Some day, I’ll remember this day
By then, we’ll always be by each other’s side
These twinkling feelings fill my heart
They shine without change

Even when the elongated shadow follows me
And I start to shake at the passing wind

Sometimes, stay with me like the stars in the sky
Stay right there so I can fall asleep even on days I miss you
So I can rest for a moment even when my days are long
Hold my heart

If I really want it
Will I be able to fly and reach you in my dreams?
All night, I’m up tossing and turning
When I close my eyes, it gets even clearer
The memories color and thicken tonight

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