Ravi, Yeri, Jeonwoong (AB6IX) – Woman On The Beach (해변의 여인)

Wow, it’s summer!

I wanna go back to the summer
I wanna go back to the summer
I wanna go back to the summer

What is this?
It’s summer but I’m stuck in my room
This is no good
Let’s just break up now

I know the tears you shed in my arms
But I struggled just as much
You’ve lost your smile
Can’t we find it again?

It’s not right to just say goodbye
And turn around
Let’s go on a trip for our love
To the ocean

Hurry, let’s go
Ya ya ya to the ocean
So we can throw away
All the pain so far

This isn’t right, we were in love
Let’s create a new love
That has no tears

We were like a deflated volleyball
Like a bad game of ping-pong
I’m all alone in the midst of couples at the beach
I act like I’m used to break ups but it’s hard to act cool
She sounds like she has a story too, just like me

Where did you go this late at night?
I just can’t understand
We came all this way
And you leave me alone?

I met a woman on the beach
She told me a lot of things
How she came here
Because of a lost love

I knew I would be alone
If I went back
So until the dawn came
We sat at the beach and talked

The woman at the beach
Ya ya ya with her
We saw the rising sun together

Don’t wait for me
Now I finally found this love
A love without godobyes

Don’t expect anything else from me
I’m curious about that red taste too
But I’m not the same me as before
Days of being cute and awkward, go away
With time, I can shine too
Our hearts are swaying along with the waves
I wanna let go of everyone who left me but..

The woman on the beach
I saw her again as I was leaving with you
She looked better than before
And was with someone else

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