Niel, Kim Nam Joo, Nam Do Hyun – Destiny (운명)

One day, by coincidence, when I saw him
All strength left my legs and I crumbled down
He was the man of my dreams that I’ve been looking for

Why did you appear before me now?
You weren’t there when I was looking so hard for you

(Where were you, what were you doing)

When I was going through rough times
My friend that is a girl became my girlfriend

I met a girl like destiny
But if I ask my girlfriend to leave me, she’ll be ruined
But then again, if I can’t ever see that girl again
I think I’ll be ruined

It’s so frustrating
So annoying, what do I do?

I can’t have both of them by my side
I’m so mad, I can’t get rid of anyone

I wish I were a man at times like this

Maybe it’s not my fault
I was just here
But she just appeared like destiny
She’s so cruel, she’s so beautiful
It’s so frustrating, frustrating
As if I’ve eaten a hundred sweet potatoes
Even if I shout and yell, nothing changes
I’m still in the same place

Just like Hamlet, to be or not to be?
Maybe it’ll be better if that is the question

1, 2, 3, 4

There’s probably no one busier than me
I didn’t know it’d be this hard
To meet two women at once

So I had a lot of luck with women back then
Those were some happy days
Watching the same movie twice, telling the same story twice
Eating dinner twice, I got so confused
I wrote them the same letter but a few days later, I got in trouble
I mixed up their names

It’s so frustrating
So annoying, what do I do?
I can’t love them the same

At this rate, I’ll lose them both

I wish I were a man at times like this

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