Ravi, Yeri & Kim Woo Seok – Sorrow (Original: Cool – 애상)

Baby please believe me
Even after this summer
I will love you, please believe me, babe let’s go

You know how much I love you and waited for you
But why are you so busy? It’s so hard to see you
What are you doing these days?

No, don’t ask me, can’t you just trust me and wait?
I need time for this love, so I can accept you

Are you avoiding me? (no)
I text you but there’s no response
(Oh no) if you don’t like me, just say so

Don’t stop me

Who will ever know about my love, my heart that goes crazy whenever I see you
But what if there is someone else next to you in that wedding dress

I’m afraid

That you’ll meet a better woman than me

No that’s not true, it’s really only you for me
Please believe in me

Where can I find a better woman than you?
It’s only you in my head
You already figured out my game of push and pull, you’re so smart
I have a lot of girls who are friends but I only love you
Don’t misunderstand, believe me baby

I saw you in another girl’s arms
I’ve never seen that happy smile before
It made my love crumble

No, this isn’t an excuse but that girl has nothing to do with me
I was just dizzy for a moment so I leaned on her, please don’t misunderstand

I dated a lot of guys and broke up with them too
But I’ve never dated multiple guys at once

Who do you think you are?

You hurt me and my love is scarred
Now you will never have a love like mine

I’m afraid, what if I never love again?

I’m sure you won’t believe me
But you’re my first love
So what do I do if you just leave me?

I won’t expect love
Just let me be by your side, please, please


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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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