Microdot – Responsibilities (책임감)

I want to say that I’m sorry
Please accept this truth from the deepest part of my heart
It’s hard for me to understand too but

Every day, I’m trying
I still lack so much
The endless days keep repeating
Because I can only see the backs of the two people who I grew up with in my memories
As their son, I always took the lead
But I’m sure you walked such a dark path too
I can only imagine but I’ll take responsibility
It’s noisy and the path ahead is dark
I can’t see where I need to go
I lack so much
I’m truly sorry
I’m feeling the weight of responsibility
I feel frustrated as well
It’s bright outside but in here, it’s so dark
My phone keeps ringing
My head is so loud
I need some time

If only I could stop time for a moment
It feels like I’ve shut my mouth with tape
Reading all the overflowing comments, my heart is about to explode
I’m sitting on a chair and looking at the ceiling
I can’t even breathe
I’m afraid I won’t ever wake up froths
But my eyes are slowly closing
This is a dream
A nightmare that I can’t wake up from
Am I in an eternal state of slumber? I’m still checking
Nights filled with tears
Like a dying flower, I was dried up
Too embarrassed to use the word “miserable”
I’m a bit tired, I lost everything
There’s a limit to acting like I’m alright, I’m sick of it
Honestly, I believed it when they said this will pass
I’m sure time is medicine but it’s not enough
Rumors of me disappearing
Rumors of me selling my house and leaving
Saying that I’m acting like I’m taking responsibility when all I’m doing is hiding and avoiding
I was actually checking the facts
It took 3 and a half weeks
I’m not an attention seeker so I didn’t take over my SNS
I’ve never hid so I’ve never run away either
It took me a while to figure out this story that I never heard of before
It’s different from the usual problems of others
Just like the beginning of this song
I tried the best that I can
I met up with each and every person
Then I went to see my dad who was behind a thick glass
My first reaction was shock and fear
It hurt many people
All the debt that started from Microdot
Now the young Jaeho has finally opened his eyes
I’ve never left this place
I’m right here, can’t you see?
It’s noisy and the path ahead is dark
I can’t see where I need to go
I lack so much
I’m truly sorry

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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