Dynamic Duo, HA:TFELT, SOLE, snzae, THAMA, SOLE – Today I (나 오늘)

video games and run like Bale
Besides work, those two things are all I think about
IPA, bottle shop sale
Why are you so worried?

I got too many thoughts in my head
Every day, I feel trapped
I’m shaking by myself, quietly
Worried that while everyone else is moving on, I’m the only one here

no you can’t stop the wave
no you can’t stop the wave
The more you try to hold on, the more you’re drownin’
you gotta surf babe
Surf above the waves that go above your head
you gonna find the way
you gonna find the way
Even if you keep falling, try again
Things that are too calm are no fun
take that big one

gimme a call
gimme a call
gimme a call
What’re you up to?

show me some love
show me some love
show me some love
Right now, right here

just wanna feel that hustler hustler baby
I’m getting a feeling, feeling

fifteen, bringing it, bringing it in
mixing twenty to forty like this

KOSPI up KOSPI down, my condition depends on it
Instead of a mic, I’m holding dumbbells and barbells
Even if it’s frustrating, I always have a shield over my mouth
Instead of on stage, I’m standing in front of a camera
Time passes so quickly
It’s already Amoeba Culture’s 15th anniversary
From a 14-pyung studio
To this place where so many gather
now we here today
I’m a marathon runner in this rap game
Enduring through is my specialty, I always do FairPlay
I always have a secure partner next to me
My experiences are my airbag that protect me
Crises is our opportunity
We’re all gathered here today to prepare for tomorrow
New normal, we’re writing new standards
The champagne to be held in our hands isn’t too far away

Between B and D is C
What made C are poems, beats, notes and me
20 years, we’re everywhere
2020, sometimes, we’re now here or nowhere
Tightening my drawstrings, I go from home to the studio
Home, studio, home, studio
Dust all over the empty audio room
When my dongsengs told me their hardships
I said, if you wanna become a plant in your later days
You need to endure like a weed
Just look into their eyes
Into the world that wouldn’t even look at you
Now it’s the greatest year for the minority
For all the rest, it’s the worst year
My passport held its funeral in my dresser
It’s strange, the Seoul sky is so starry these days
There are increasing midnight marauders
Cancel it or delay it, push it far back
Order it, like the delivery nation we are, got through the market, prey on the stocks
My determination has grown stronger with these 16 iron cores
I need to adjust like this is an ordinary thing

Let’s become a wise person like my mother
Put away useless talk
When everyone else is sleeping, gotta do my thing
I’m singing at 3:30 AM
Still, still
Oh I need those difference
I have so much I wanna do these days, on my grind
baby whatever I wanna do

From the start, once again
won’t you come on baby
let’s get movin’, keep on
runnin’ we’re

we can give you what you need

natural mineral
natural mineral
we like
natural mineral
natural mineral

This is a sad introduction
Friends, sing it together
Come back, hot summer
alright alright
it’s so wonderful world

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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