Kim Kyu Jong – I Wanna Hear Your Voice (니 목소리가 듣고 싶어)

On my way home
There were so many stars in the night sky
As I was walking
I suddenly got curious about your day

Hey, actually
I just wanted to hear your voice

So I clicked on your name
On my phone
As I listen to that song

That short wait makes my heart flutter
It’s so precious
So I’m calling you like this

I don’t care what we talk about
Even if it’s not a big deal, even if it’s not funny
I’ll quietly close my eyes
And listen to you

What can I say? I just like it
Imagining you and drawing you out

So I clicked on your name
On my phone
As I wait for your hello

Because I like your voice
Because it’s so precious
I called you

When we’re about to hang up
I hope you feel sad like me
As you put on a small
Right before you sleep
I hope you think of me

When I click on your name
On my phone
And listen to your stories

I’m so happy that it’s us two
It’s so precious
So I keep calling you

Because I want to hear your voice

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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