Big Naughty ft. M1NU & Veinyfl & Swervy & Layone & Lee Young Ji & Lil Nekh & D.Ark – SIKE (털어!)

Rob the bank ay
We the robbers ay
Wear out your wallet and make more money again ay
Rob the bank
Ay we the robbers
Wear out your wallet and make more money again

Rob the bank ay
We the robbers ay
Wear out your wallet and make more money again ay
Rob the bank
Ay we the robbers
Wear out your wallet and make more money again

Rob the bank, Ok
I’m back
I’m bill stackin’
Too many villains
We’re greatest rappers
19, this is the starting line
Let the beat 16 measure Verse
I’m busy counting my money, Mercedes
I’m Benz I mean, I make good money
Man I was livin’ in awful days
Rappin’ no cap
Now there’s only things to smile about
Listen, new kids in your area
Ye ma verse kill it fire
Workin’ we go higher
Be legendary? Die young
Perk it we go up
I’m gonna be a man who makes money
Twerkin’ in front of me, Drop it down
I’m a person who makes money, never had a job for real
F* yo mind I do for real You talk too much Change the way you think B** for real
Ye I get the bucks, I’m raking it all in my bag
We stole it, you can’t ever do this
Who can stop me?
Ye stay focus on me
It’s time for the next CHANEL BAG
I’m in love with the Coco

Ay I finna rob that’s my couple mission
Stack up all the cash
I gotta keep a composition
Salf stack but I keep my style
Strip away all pretense
And you can’t even rap for 1 minute
I’m putting on that 2 Chainz feeling
Durag on my head
Don’t even need to do boom bap
This is my new wave
I’ll take it and run
When I burn so I never nerve
Running away
Ever since I was young to now, sir
Ninja know how we comin comin
We slammin like
We drummin
Hurry and pull the trigger
We dummy dummy like a fool
Grabbing my cash and running
Farther, farther away, if you wanna catch me
They say, go to the bank
Feel like I’m walk it talk it
I need a bouquet of money
My bag, Chanel, Moncler
Mindlessly partying every day
That’s hard too
Go besty, put it n, Go besty
If you let your guard down, you’ll lose it
They’re f* bad shit

I on the beat like (Ya, ya)
This boy sick to death, just like you know
Bro, acting like something when you not
Something about you is so pitiful
I know how you feel but
Don’t talk to me
like I haven’t done what I did
If you’re gonna talk casually to me
Give me a blank check, pay me
I mean it
The blue color of the cash bills take away the sunlight
I live like I’m crazy
I let it out till I get exhausted
Change my pants and murder the mic
Like a snowman on a bike
Sliding above the snow
Put all my budget in a bag then
Run away like whee
I know what you’re thinking but jeez child
Look a the dead body I stole, it’s a mile of piles
Yeah, it’s a mile of piles
Banging on they head like wow
I don’t listen to your music
I’m stuffing my ears with cash
Then I go out to go hunting
Selling the leather of rappers
Oh how nice

Let me dig an underground tunnel
And go under
Humid like a humidifier
Gas like butane
Trust me, the boom bap kid
I’m paying off all debt
Full package
Cut the blue line, the safe door has opened
Cut the red line, just like my contact with my mom
I failed to shoot at Mt. Targon
But right then, the safe door opened
Big Naughty goes back and forth, left and right
Filling pockets with $50 bills and running away
Stepping on the ginkgo trees on the streets
Copyright association’s bank say bye bye
My crayons have broken the bias of saving little by little
Look at the Internet comments, they all get on edge when I rap
Get it in your heads, get it in your heads
Why should I eat that Teriburger?

Rob the bank
Ayy we the robbers
Call the cops ASAP if u want huh?
Join us, if you’re ready, put in your credit
Throw away all your ethical beliefs
Ooh I’m in love with that
Don’t even try to copy them
But always on my ground
It’s willful negligience, you can’t block me
When we have to go?
Just go, take it all and give it out
Into the exploding flashes
We’re just doing it with vice and grit
Feel the ecstasy of my rap
I conquer then I cultivate
I’ll be that bastard and do it big
So who’s after me?
You’re asking, where you at
But there’s no answer
Oops I think I might be the one
I’m blatantly the center of the universe
Born to be, always
The attitude of a villain
Straightening my back and going to fight
Cash rules everything around me
Cash rules everything around us

Using my feet to steal hearts
The police is dispatched again
I steal souls just like my nickname
Like a necromancer
I don’t judge, I’ve let go of money
Give me a ride in your car
Run away, even if I throw you away
I’m robbing your cold heart
Leave you laying on the ground
I’m making pretty decent money
With blue bruises all around
I’m making calls tonight, who can I see after work?
Don’t worry, there’s no defeat in me

Putting on gloves and taking my bulletproof vest
Holding a AK47 and pulling the trigger
Like Mamison, I’m wearing a mask and robbing and running away
So I can touch some cash
I wanna be crooked, let’s make some trouble
I grew up in a paper house
Chinese yuan, Korean won, American dollar
Shut up and run
Sorry police
Police officers, nunas, I’m sorry
I’m on a mission right now
Don’t bother me, it’s a tense time right now
Don’t worry, bae
This is no cap
I’ll hit your ears with my rap
I made all other rappers cower
Because I’m making paper
Let me treat you with this bank money
I’ll buy you beef
In your eyes, it’s cash only
Give me the melody
That my money has made
I don’t know what u see
See my money or it’s me?
Everyone piss off
I’m just gonna take my money
And run

01 001 000011 01001
My name is Naughty
My IQ is about 180
But anyway, nice to see you
You waited long for me
Around last month
I was doing something else by myself
Suddenly I bumped my head
And had a dream
Yo you know what I’m saying?
You know there’s times like that
Why not? Let me just wear a mask
And rob a bank
Then bam!
Look at my friends
So bad, oou bad
All this hacking
Then the screens go bling!
Look behind you, be careful
The hostage is about to escape, roger that ok
Turn the wheels, that’s what I’ve been doing
Park it right away, my team makes money and we’re close
All your closed thoughts, throw it into the garbage
Fast rap isn’t everything
But I’m showing you that I can still do it

Rob the bank ay
We the robbers ay
Wear out your wallet and make more money again ay
Rob the bank
Ay we the robbers
Wear out your wallet and make more money again

Rob the bank ay
We the robbers ay
Wear out your wallet and make more money again ay
Rob the bank
Ay we the robbers
Wear out your wallet and make more money again

Oh yeah we getting guap baby
Oh yeah we getting cheese baby
Oh yeah we getting paid baby
Oh yeah we stacking mills baby
Oh yeah we getting dough baby
Oh yeah we getting DON baby
Oh yeah we getting rich baby
Oh yeah we stacking bills baby

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