Kim Yoon Ah – Under The Red Shadow Of Flowers (붉은 꽃그늘 아래서) Lost OST Part 3

When the red flowers
Start to wither
Under the red shadow of the flowers
My heart that grew as if it’s a flower
Felt so shy

As the sun set on the street
When the long shadows dance
Feels like I’m here alone
So I sadly teared
With my foolish heart

The passing wind
Plays a song that I can hear

When will it be
The day the flowers bloom again

Each day shined and connected
As if it’ll break apart
Even if my dreams had no hope
While I was dreaming
I felt alive

With the sad wind
And broken promises
I buried my heart in a place I long for

When I wake from this dream
Will I be able to go back?
If this isn’t a dream
Can’t I go back?

I dreamed a dream
That a red flower blossomed

Where am I
Under this red shadow of the flowers

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