Say Sumi – My Heart (내 마음) Yumi’s Cells OST Part 5

I don’t even know my own heart
There is a part of me that I don’t know
Even when I’m walking slow
My heart is running far away

I don’t know why I’m doing this
I try to walk carefully
But my heart is far away
Even on nights when everyone else is asleep
I’m running with opened eyes

There is a world that I don’t know about
Even when I spend normal days with nothing much happening
My heart is going somewhere
Though I don’t know what it is
I’m running far away
I shouldn’t go too fast
I know this but I can’t help my heart

I will find out, if I follow the instructions
Of the side of me that I don’t evenk now about
No, I may not ever find out
But I don’t need to try to understand
If I keep going, I will know
There is no way I’m stopping

I kept going as my feet led me
And my heart was in that place
I kept going as my feet led me
I was where I was supposed to be
That’s where my love is
Where my heart is
Where my love is

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