Amber – Lost At Sea

Oh say no more I let us down let us down let you down I let you down Now what are we for As we sink down beneath * ‘Cause we fight then we kiss our hearts dark in the mist Then we break to recall tryna fix every bit

Amber & Luna (f(x)) – Lower

The moon is high, the night is thick I’m walking on the drenched street I’m looking for something A place that will be waiting for me The door calls to me Through it is freedom You’re fast asleep Where the white moon lingers

Shannon (ft. Amber of f(x)) – Love Don't Hurt

I know that you’ve been broken It’s easy to see easy to see Let me keep you in the moment Baby just give it to me I see the way you acting Up in your mind wondering if I’m worth the ride It’s a natural reaction But we gon’ be takin our time