BTS – I'm Fine

I’m opening my eyes under the sky that’s so blue that it’s cold The out-pouring sunlight makes me feel dizzy My breath is quickening, my heart is racing I can feel it so easily that I’m alive It’s alright, even if it’s not us Even if sadness erases me Even if there are clouds Even …

BTS – Epiphany

It’s so strange I definitely love you so much I wanted to adjust everything to you And live for you too But the more I did that I couldn’t handle the storm in my heart Underneath the smiling mask My true self is coming out

BTS – Trivia 轉 : Seesaw

The beginning was quite fun Just with all the ups and downs But suddenly, we’re tired From a waste of meaningless emotions A repeating seesaw seesaw game Now I’m sick of it, sick of it A repeating seesaw seesaw game We’re getting tired, tired of each other