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San E (feat. Bee of Rphabet) – I Wish You Are Unhappy

I’m too sad cry, too sad to sing a love song
so I’m gonna rap for this one – funk it
It’s not cute anymore – your lies disgust me
Don’t shiver, don’t talk to me, don’t hold my hand, go away
You make the same mistake, and you can’t look into my eyes
And you’re probably going to say it’s the last time again

“It’s my mistake, I’m sorry, I’ll be good from now on”
No, I’m sorrier because I’m not going to continue this
Is this the love that you were talking about?
Are you proud that you’re crying? Are you even human?

Yes, I loved you but I hate you now
Now I don’t care about what happens to you
Are you saying that you love me right now? How dare you
You say that I’m your everything but you’re not for me

Don’t misunderstand – I can be better off without you
I’m repeating myself but I can live only if I don’t have you
Memories? Give those things to the dogs – piss off before I start swearing
Please disappear from my life

* I wish you are unhappy
Because I don’t have to be happy or in love
I pray that you will regret all your life
I wish you are unhappy

** I’m sorry so so so sorry that I couldn’t be a gentleman and swore
I guess this is all I am since I’m such a loser
I’m sorry so so so sorry that I’m not nice enough to wish you happiness
But what to do? If I don’t, this is so unfair

So lovely so lovely you once were but now you’re ugly so ugly ugly
So lovely so lovely you once were but now you’re ugly- the problem is

You think that I’ll become weak at our past memories
But what to do? This time, it’s not that bad
Maybe we were just pretending to be in love
Maybe this strong unbreakable thing was attachment and not love

Why are yo upset, I don’t understand, it’s too hard
My mouth is dirty – stop crying – stop pretending to cry, it’s gross
Get your act together – this isn’t love but a restriction
Stop pretending to be nice, to be weak but just tie up your hands
Don’t make excuses, just zip your mouth –
Even if you say you will die if we break up, I don’t care
You liar I’m sick and tired – now take off that mask of pretending to be pitiful and now good bye yo

Are you listening to this song? It’s about you
I don’t pray for you but I curse you – I’ll never forgive – it’s revenge
I don’t have time to waste – don’t ever call me again
This is it my message is I’m done with you
Breaking up with you – the end

* repeat

** repeat

So lovely so lovely you once were but now you’re ugly so ugly ugly
So lovely so lovely you once were but now you’re ugly- the problem is-
We were never meant to be


Nuol (Feat. San-E, Jung Eun) – It’s Okay To Be Ugly

Mom, why am I so ugly?
The kids keep making fun of me
Can’t I get some plastic surgery done over the break?
If not, I’m really going to leave this house
I’m just gonna go die, for real
Mom, for real

Mom, I hate mirrors the most in the whole world
I’m sick of being called a loser
My eyes are slit across, my nose is crooked
My face is so big and how about my skin?

On top of that, like you, I’m so short
I’m not even 160 cm – my friends get surgery for that
But our household is a bit poor
I’m not that smart either – I’m just average

Mom, stop saying that the inside is what counts
It’s so annoying, I’m sick of it – did you not hear what I’ve been saying?
Society these days criticize you if you’re ugly
The world revolves around beauty – especially this country

So I looked it up – I want to go to this hospital in Kangnam
Celebrities and singers go there a lot
Fix me, draw a double eyelid on me too
Please, make me the same as everyone else

* It’s okay to be ugly
Don’t cry, don’t laugh
It’s okay to be ugly
Don’t cry, don’t kill yourself

** It’s okay to be ugly, don’t die
It’s okay to be ugly, you won’t die
It’s okay to be ugly, don’t cry
It’s okay to be ugly so smile
(It’s okay to be ugly so smile)

(Age and school?) 30 years old and a pretty famous school
(Work?) It’s famous, if I tell you, you’d know
(Money?) She makes more than the average man
But there’s a complex that made this elite woman come here

I thought appearance was not that important
I thought your charm is more important so I tried hard for that
I was confident in front of my pretty friends
But in the back, I kept getting stressed

I lived by power, education and pride
I take the pain medication that is my monthly salary
Men are stupid – everyone is fixed
They forgive the ugly but considers it a sin if you don’t get surgery

It’s okay now, I will go to sleep
When I open my eyes, in the mirror, I will look pretty
(When I have a daughter later, I won’t tell her that she’s the prettiest)
As I think those thoughts, I close my eyes, with tears

* repeat

** repeat

San E (Feat. So Hyang of POS) – Somebody’s Dream (어떤이의 꿈) Dream High OST

Dream high yup shout out to spring, summer, autumn, winter

* Some people keep their dreams
Some people share their dreams
Other people fulfill their dreams

Every night I dream and dance on stage
The crowd roars and the sound of my heart opens my eyes
Back to the dark reality- every day is anxious
In order to fill my empty heart, I practice, practice and practice again

The value of life learned from the wiped tears, sweat and blood
No pain no gain- no despair allowed- become stronger
Love, friend, hope and dream
That certain strength that raises me up has been prepared once more
Now lights, camera, action, now

* repeat

We are challengers
Our goal is to be on TV- even friendships are cold processes
Today we may be friends but tomorrow we are enemies
we are challegers

Lies saying that failures are okay
Pretend to have confidence but
Honestly, I’m scared- will I do well? Will I get better?
Will I achieve?

I trust myself and desperately plead
That I can shine brighter than the stars in the night sky
So that many people can feel this great dream of ours
Yes we can fly to the sky- so today we dream high

* repeat

In this world, there are many people like this
In this world, there are many talents like this
Each person says that they are right
They say that this is what a dream should be like but

I’m gonna be a star, high up in the sky
I’m gonna I’m gonna make you rock every single time
I wanna take a flight high up in the sky
I wanna I wanna make you bounce every single time
So ayo put your hands in the ayer
Don’t give up the fight- say it loud- let’s dream it up