BEAST – It’s A Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤이야)

* It’s a star twinkling, beautiful night
I hope this night lasts forever, hold my hand
The blue moonlight makes this a beautiful night
Walk across that sky with me

** I’m yours – only you can make my heart race – I’m outta control
I’m yours, nobody, nobody can take your place
You drive me crazy

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C-CLOWN – Destiny (우연이야)

I know this is wrong, but I never knew that we would end up like now
Who would of guessed that I would see you, right there, before me
I know there’s no excuse for this girl so, I guess it was destiny

The moment I left the house, it didn’t feel right
My style and my hair that usually turns out great, doesn’t look good today

From my head to my toes, every single thing is not good
It feels strange, I feel nervous, what is this?
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