KangNam (M.I.B.) – Say My Name

*Say My Name, Where are you now
My Girl Say My Name, the night is getting late
Oh No, Say My Name, I wanna be together
No Way No Way No Way
I’m a strong man
No Baby No Oh Oh Oh Oh
You Never Know Oh Oh Oh Oh
No Baby No Oh Oh Oh Oh
Don’t Trust That Boy Oh Oh Oh Oh

In your cellphone, it’s full of guys’ names
On your tweets, it’s full of guys
I don’t know why but I must act calm
Because I’m the strongest man out of all the guys you know
What? Again? While pretending like I’m not listening
I’m paying full attention to your phone call
One More Night Out
Where are you going again?
With your cute way of speaking and lovely voice


When you pass by, guys turn around
When you smile, they all look bewitched
I don’t know why but I have to stay nervous
Cause you’re a girl who is so beautiful and stunning
What? Again? While acting not
Everyone is paying attention to your short skirt
But you say you like it the best
The short skirt that only looks good on you
I trust you, I’m the only love for you
And that you only want me but
Remember, guy are all the same
You don’t know very well


No Baby No Oh Oh Oh Oh
You Never Know
Oh Oh Oh Oh
No Baby No Oh Oh Oh Oh
Don’t Trust That Boy Oh Oh Oh Oh


Lee Hae Ri (From Davichi) – Dear My Loving Person (사랑하는 사람아) Poseidon OST

At the end of the long day, I take it out and look
The story that I have hidden deep in my heart
Sometime in the far future, I’ll look back
And smile by the vague memories
The fragrance of the Spring days, the warm wind
Brings you and sits next to me

*Dear my loving person, even if you don’t remember me
Even if it’s a foolish love that I have only wished for
Finally now I mumble myself, that I liked you a lot
Even if I’m a fool myself, I loved you a lot

That day, those days that I wanted you
Became a song in here in my heart


Dear my dream-like person, even if you don’t remember
The wind, this Spring day keeps bringing you
Lightens up our memories one at a time
Now I have to blow it off with my own hands but
I hope to forget them one at a time

Baek Ji Young – It Hurts Here (여기가 아파) A Thousand Days’ Promise OST (천일의 약속 OST)

It hurts here, it keeps hurting
Medicine is not helping
If I hold that familiar hand,
I think it will be a little better

Why did you say that?
You used to say that you can’t live without me
Don’t you at least need to pretend to comfort me before you leave?

* It hurts here – because of our ended love, love
These tears fall so my heart is bruised
It really hurts a lot even if I touch it a little
In my heart that is about to crumble,
There is a scar that is greater than a scar
It hurts here

You were so mean, so cold
You weren’t the person I used to know
Did you dislike me a lot?
Then you should’ve given me a chance to fix myself

* repeat

I love you, I love you
If you hear this proclamation
Even if it’s once, even if it’s just for once
Can you please hug me warmly?

Because of you, I shed tears
Because of the tears, my heart is bruised
In my heart that is about to crumble,
There is a scar that is greater than a scar
It hurts here

Secret – Neverland

I can see the Neverland – can you see it?
The unchanging place – I’m here in Neverland
The land that never changes with everyone’s laughs
And my love in your heart, always always

Now hold my hand, take courage
At some point you came to me
And your voice whispered to me

* You and I together, neverland together
We can fly wherever, us two
Everything won’t change like this
Stars in neverland forever
Feel my heart whenever, feel me
I am always by your side

** Oh if you wanna come with me Oh Oh, you can com
Oh if you’d like to do it, I can do anything

I can feel you everywhere – Can you feel it?
The place with no separation- I’m here in Neverland
The land with no separation
The precious people in this beautiful place, always always

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it
I was hesitating and I held your hand and gained courage
Now I’m not afraid of anything

* repeat

My heart that used to not believe in anything was blank
The adventure of meeting you is an irony but
At some point, you became my boy baby boo honeydew
With you always think about you
Our cautious relationship, our secret pair
I promise forever, you’re always not alone
Palace in Neverland

You and I, Neverland together
Always together, Neverland together
We can dream whatever
Dream a dream, everything will come true
Here in Neverland together Fall in love forever
I love you, this place will keep our love forever

** repeat (x2)


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