U-KISS – Bad (나쁘다)


Bad, I’m bad

Your tangled hair, your blue eyes
Your white painted face with a smile

Will I be able to embrace you with my black scar?
Will I be able to leave you, who is crying and holding onto me?

* I’m bad, I’m bad
I’m leaving you because I’m sick of it all
I’m bad, I’m bad
I’m bad for leaving you, who is begging

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U-KISS – Missing You


You don’t know about my foolish love
You don’t know my heart that is always hurting

* You don’t say anything and I’m sick of being alone
All day, I think of you and I can’t fall asleep
What do I do? I finally figured out my heart now

** I’m missing you, Oh I’m missing you
No matter how much I shout, it doesn’t reach you
The melody for you
I’m waiting for you, Always with you babe
I want to always be forever by your side, only your love

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U-KISS – Can’t Even Breathe (숨도 못 쉬어)


You shake up my heart
The more you do that, the more my heart crumbles
Why are you doing this? Girl I’m in love yeah

* I can’t even breathe because of you
Why do you keep pushing me up – push up
You break apart even my pride
But you keep getting under my skin (x2)

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