2Yoon (Feat. Kikaflo) – Se Se Se (쎄쎄쎄)


Note: “Se Se Se” is what Koreans say when playing hand clapping games

At this very moment, I’ll try to be honest
We were so hot up until a few hours ago and now we quickly cooled
To the point where I don’t ever want to see you again
I start to resent you but not after long
I say that I love you then I hate you, all night on the phone
I cling onto you, cry, laugh and repeat
At times like this, we connect so well but
I don’t know what went wrong, our relationship was so sweet
But these days, I think of something else

* No – only you like in the beginning – those times when you only looked at me
Without knowing, I am waiting for that soft look

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2Yoon – Why Not


The eyes that look at me are cold enough to give me goosebumps
Every night, I escape like this
Avoiding the arrows that the world shoots at me

* (Just leave me) Why not just leave me alone
Don’t laugh at me and just go away
There is no love that deserves to be slandered or forgiven

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2Yoon (Feat. Jung Il Hoon of BTOB) – Nightmare (악몽)


Today like yesterday, I am dreaming the same dream
In case I meet you
I endlessly look for you, endlessly wandering
Oh no baby

There’s nothing there but I crazily look for you
I wander all night and am about to collapse from exhaustion
I want to give up and I turn back my footsteps
But then, you finally appear

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