Lunafly – Clear Day Cloudy Day (맑은 날 흐린 날)


Yesterday was a clear day, today is a cloudy day
Do you know tomorrow’s weather?
The weather reports are never right
The skies are black and silent

It’s raining here, it’s raining inside of me

The clouds are always gray yeah yeah
The sun always rises and sets yeah yeah yeah
Though my youthful days keep getting nervous
Tell me that it’s okay – yeah yeah yeah
Just tell me that it’s cloudy only for a moment

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Nell – Blue


I hear the rain clashing against the river
It rings through the clogged up city
The moonlight is hidden by the clouds
Just like a white heart


The night scene of Seoul is drenched with rain
The numerous lights are smearing
Was it always this beautiful?
I feel more resentful for no reason

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Nell – Holding Onto Gravity



Strangely, my steps are heavy
It seems like I can feel the weight of the air
It feels like all the gravity of the world is on me

Tears are in my eyes as I bit down hard on my lips
I try to turn around but my heart still goes towards you
My eyes are filled with you
Yes, I’m still filled with you

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Yoon Jong Shin – Merry Christmas Only You


* Just only you, just one thing
What I want is only you
The presents under the Christmas tree
Have no meaning to me

Just you, in my dreams, sweet heart
The smiles of the happy couples
The bells ringing throughout the streets
On this sleepless Christmas night

On TV, it’s always the same rerun of “Home Alone”
The twinkling Christmas lights fill up my empty room
Dear Santa, please make my wish come true
I don’t want a lot but
All I want is only you

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