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Jung Eun Ji – Manito (마니또)

Neatly folded paper, pretty handwriting
I can tell who wrote this right away
Because there are things like secrets
That no one else but you know

You’re so mysterious
Whenever I’m next to you
I feel so peaceful but my heart flutters
And if only I have you
Wherever I am, it’s always perfect Continue reading Jung Eun Ji – Manito (마니또)


CN Blue – Manito (마니또)

Have strength today, you’re doing a good job
I hope you’ll smile as you listen to this song
I couldn’t tell you in words
But my heart is going to you

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down, lean on me
I’m just a friend to you but
Do you know?
To me, you’re already my girl Continue reading CN Blue – Manito (마니또)