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Kim Yoon Ah – Voice (목소리) Voice OST

Even withered flowers breathe
The deep dawn is blue
The melody gets smaller
But it doesn’t disappear Continue reading Kim Yoon Ah – Voice (목소리) Voice OST


Jung Seung Hwan – The Voice (목소리)

There are many days
When I walk with my head down low
The sky has tilted
I can only smell winter

Some day, you told me
Like the blue dawn
You want to be a song
That can be colored however you want Continue reading Jung Seung Hwan – The Voice (목소리)

Noel – Voice (목소리)

I missed you so much that I tried silently remembering you
As much as you faded from my memories
I thought I forgot you, I thought I could erase you

But as time goes by
More than your image, I long for your faraway scent

Can’t I hear it just once more? Your voice that lingers in my ears
If I call out to you like this, will I hear it some day? Your voice from the days we loved? Continue reading Noel – Voice (목소리)