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Shinhwa – Like A Star (별)

Girl, The Love Of My Life
Always Know That
l’m Never Gonna Let You Go

In the countless days that passed
You became my dream
Thank you and I’m sorry
Any kind of expression isn’t enough
But with my love
I am singing my heart for you
Throughout this long time
Your eyes make me overwhelmed
Because you are my strength Continue reading Shinhwa – Like A Star (별)


ASTRO – Star (별)

I may seem like I’m so happy on the outside
And that I like it
But if you look inside
I can’t say these things

I’m not lost because I don’t know the way
It’s not because I have no courage
It’s alright to just take a break Continue reading ASTRO – Star (별)

Kim Min Jae & Solar (Mamamoo) – Star (별) Twenty Again OST

How should I start?
Just thinking and imagining about you
Makes me so nervous
Whenever I think about you, my head gets mixed up

I think it was when I first saw you
The night I followed you outside
The person who put the fire in my heart was not me but you
You’re a girl who makes me feel warm like summer Continue reading Kim Min Jae & Solar (Mamamoo) – Star (별) Twenty Again OST

Song Ji Eun (Secret) – Star (별)

The stars that twinkle in the dark night sky
They will disappear when morning comes
For some reason, it seems like I resemble you today
So I close my eyes as I walk

Ooh Lonely Night
Ooh I Wanna Be A Starlight
The countless stars are twinkling a lot
But it’s hard for me to shine the brightest out of them Continue reading Song Ji Eun (Secret) – Star (별)