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VROMANCE – Star (별)

Even on dark and rainy nights
I can see the star that is you
I wonder where you are

Our pretty story and memory
Did you forget it all? Goodbye
A fine day a better day Continue reading VROMANCE – Star (별)


Yang Yoseob – Star (별)

I remembered the cold winter night
When you told me that the star we’re looking at together
Shined for a long time alone
So I looked at the sky

Like the star that we looked at together
I promise to be a star in your heart
That remains for a long time and shines
For you, who endured through the dark times with me Continue reading Yang Yoseob – Star (별)

Shinhwa – Like A Star (별)

Girl, The Love Of My Life
Always Know That
l’m Never Gonna Let You Go

In the countless days that passed
You became my dream
Thank you and I’m sorry
Any kind of expression isn’t enough
But with my love
I am singing my heart for you
Throughout this long time
Your eyes make me overwhelmed
Because you are my strength Continue reading Shinhwa – Like A Star (별)