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Kim Min Jae & Solar (Mamamoo) – Star (별) Twenty Again OST

How should I start?
Just thinking and imagining about you
Makes me so nervous
Whenever I think about you, my head gets mixed up

I think it was when I first saw you
The night I followed you outside
The person who put the fire in my heart was not me but you
You’re a girl who makes me feel warm like summer Continue reading Kim Min Jae & Solar (Mamamoo) – Star (별) Twenty Again OST


Song Ji Eun (Secret) – Star (별)

The stars that twinkle in the dark night sky
They will disappear when morning comes
For some reason, it seems like I resemble you today
So I close my eyes as I walk

Ooh Lonely Night
Ooh I Wanna Be A Starlight
The countless stars are twinkling a lot
But it’s hard for me to shine the brightest out of them Continue reading Song Ji Eun (Secret) – Star (별)