Sool J & Cho Hyun Young (Rainbow) feat. Go Woori – Love Flower (사랑꽃)

If we were to walk on the street covered with white flower petals
If you secretly enter my heart and confess to me
My fluttering heart is dizzy, what do I do?
I think this is love

Why do you keep flickering before my eyes?
I can’t even sleep at night, give my heart back
I’m going crazy, I see your face everywhere
I said I wouldn’t date again but I’m doing this right now

What should I do? My small heart is going crazy
I might die at this rate, will you save me?
Stop giving me that eye smile so easily
You’re dripping with charm, even when you’re all grown up Continue reading “Sool J & Cho Hyun Young (Rainbow) feat. Go Woori – Love Flower (사랑꽃)”