Nam Woo Hyun – I Love You (사랑해)

As if it was destiny, the day I met you
You greeted me with a smile that was as warm as spring

That’s how our love path began
Our secret path filled with cherry blossoms

I felt like a character in a fairy tale
Like a fool, my heart fluttered Continue reading “Nam Woo Hyun – I Love You (사랑해)”


ICON (No Min Woo) – I Love You (사랑해) My Unfortunate Boyfriend OST

Do you believe in love?
I’m always standing by your side
But you don’t know, you don’t know, though I’m right here
Did something happen today?
Seeing your tired face hurts my heart
When it hurts too much, lean on me
These are the words I want to say to you

I love you so much, I love you so much
I love you, who doesn’t know my heart
Every day, like a fool, even now, I’m waiting for you
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