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Teen Top – High Five (안녕?!)

It’s been so long
I think I’m a bit nervous
I hope this will be
A special song for you

Faces I haven’t seen in a while
Faces I’ve never seen before
Faces I can’t see now
I remember each one
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing
I’ll cheer for you Continue reading Teen Top – High Five (안녕?!)


2NE1 – Goodbye (안녕)

Don’t go
Don’t say you’re gonna leave me
Don’t leave me behind in the memories
Don’t look at my tears that can’t hold onto you
Just don’t go, don’t be deceived
Don’t fall for the temptation
Nothing lasts forever
When winter passes, spring will come again, you know this
Just don’t go Continue reading 2NE1 – Goodbye (안녕)