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Hoya – Sigh (한숨)

I don’t know how long it’s been
Since we met but
All the meals we shared
All the moments we met eyes while walking
I remember it all
Don’t leave my head

But things disappear one by one
Memories faded
Things became meaningless
So on this road Continue reading Hoya – Sigh (한숨)


Lee Hi – Breathe (한숨)

Take a deep breath
Until both sides of your heart get numb
Until it hurts a little
Let out your breath even more
Until you feel like there’s nothing left inside

It’s alright if you run out of breath
No one will blame you
It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes
Because anyone can do so
Although comforting by saying it’s alright
Are just words Continue reading Lee Hi – Breathe (한숨)