Chaos – Racer


From the moment I first saw you, wherever you are, it’s heaven

Like a train puffing out steam, like a car attached to a rocket, my heart has no brakes
I’m a Kilimanjaro cheetah, running faster toward you, who is the finish line

You’re such an incredible girl, a dangerous girl
Just bring it on

You challenge me again, awakening my thirst to win
I want to have your heart babe
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I.U., FIESTA – Sea of Moonlight (달빛바다)

Yeah It’s summer!
Anywhere is good – Falling love

Today, let’s go anywhere no matter what
Before this summer goes
How about a place where you can hear the water and there’s a lot of grass?
Honestly, if it’s with you, anywhere is fine

* The sky looks like a sea of moonlight
The pretty stars look like small boats (only for you)
A spoon of moonlight, two drops of starlight
This summer will fill our memories (sea of moonlight)

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Muzie (UV) feat. Dynamic Duo – Love At First Sight (첫눈에 반했어)

Feels like my heart will explode, she keeps looking at me
Feels like my heart will stop at your sexy voice

I could feel that you are my girl
Baby, I will be your man
Tell me what you want
Tell me that you want me too

I didn’t believe the words, love at first sight
But after I met you, everything changed, it was love at first sight

How should I tell you my heart? What if you have a man?
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