As One (Feat. Verbal Jint) – Day By Day 2012

I understand true love
You gotta take your time with it
You gotta let it grow
Day By Day

The day I first got to know you, who carefully approached me
Instead of joy, I spent many nights with deep sighs
It might take a while, will you understand me?
I’m still not ready to accept someone else

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Son Mi Jin (from “K-Pop Star”) – I Know (알아요) Standby OST

Can I call your name by myself?
You are just smiling far away
I tried to bury you in my heart thousands of times
But you are a difficult person, who always comes back to life

I know, I know that I can’t ever be
I know that I have to erase you, that it’s like that
I know, I know, I will erase it all now, I will just smile
And again at some point, my foolish day passes like this

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Tritops – Love Addiction (금단현상)

* As if I have withdrawal symptoms, I can’t quit you
Every day I call you and draw you out
I’m really about to go crazy

It hurts, it hurts like this but where did you go?
Even in my dreams, I’m only looking for you

I think I am addicted to you, I look for you every day
I’m a guy but I cry every single day
As if my heart is torn apart, tears of blood flow

Please come back like this
Because I can’t be fixed without you

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