NU’EST – Not Over You

No, what are these tears that I don’t know the meaning of?
I try to brush it off but they keep falling yeah
When I’m going to meet you for the first time in a while oh

You may be over me but I’m not over you
How can I forget you that easily? It’s still really hard
Even if a long time passed
The reality was just the same
We used to be one – I want you back

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Kim Hyung Jun (Feat. JQ) – Dialed The Wrong Number (잘못 걸었어)

There is a small wall between you and me
There are always small spaces between you and me

After waiting a while, after fiddling with my phone
Whatever, I don’t care because I just want to listen to your voice more than anything else
What should be the first words I say? It’s been a while, how have you been, what’s up?
I practiced alone like this but I end up saying “I dialed the wrong number”

Again today like a habit, I hold my phone
I press in the erased phone number
I know I shouldn’t but once again –

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Kim Hyung Jun – Just Let It Go

I’m strange these days, I’m getting tired of you
The same conversations we have every day
I’m getting sick of everything
I don’t even know why I’m like this
You’re exactly the same as before but
I don’t know why we keep growing further apart

(I do love you, you’re still by my side)
But I’m getting more and more tired, is this really right?
(I do like you, but everything is different than before)
Why do I keep changing?

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NU’EST – Action

“You’re bad, just one glance and I can tell
You’re wrong, you stand out so easily
I think I told you to never stand out”
Why am I bad, because I’m better than you?
Because I’m different, because I’m not the same?
I think I told you to not point fingers at me

* I Don’t Care, I Don’t Care, why don’t you follow them?
You all look exactly the same, oh I’m sick of it, sick of it
It’s no fun, why are you doing this like a bird trapped in a cage?
Oh don’t trap yourself inside, hurry and get up

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