Pre’Melo – I Need A Break (휴식이 필요해)

People who work from nine to six
Living the busy life, they need a break

Overtime comes to me without care
I have to attend company dinners on a short notice
Sometimes I need a break

I’ll do what I like, sleep in
Watch the movies I wanted
Go on a trip with my best friends
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Huh Gak – Your Wedding (술 한잔하면)

Just when I’m about to forget you, I dream about you coming back to me
Just when things start to get bearable, I see someone who resembles you
I’m fine now, I’m really fine, I keep telling myself
But even I can see how pathetic I am as I comfort myself

If I get a drink, will I forget everything?
If I get drunk, will things be ok for a bit?
How could you be so fine, as if nothing’s wrong?
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Lucia – Before the End of This Play (연극이 끝나기 전에)

Like the main character of my favorite play
You came to me just like the brink of dawn
Like an actress who forgot her next lines
I couldn’t say anything, just like a mute

One day, you came to me
I was suddenly placed on top of a stage
Before I met you, I don’t remember what kind of love I had
I still believe that you love me
But I can’t deceive myself forever
So come back to me
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