Princess Disease – Do You Know Or Not (알아요 몰라요)

You’re looking at me too, right?
Our eyes keep almost meeting
I guess you’re a bit shy
Actually, I’m shy too

Do I need to take a step forward and tell you?
Would it hurt for you to just come to me first?

Do you know or not, about my heart?
You know how I like you
But why are you playing hard to get?
Why do you keep making me anxious?
Hurry up and tell me straight up
That you like me too Continue reading “Princess Disease – Do You Know Or Not (알아요 몰라요)”


D2O – Secret (Can’t Stop Part 2) 비밀

I’m in the studio so I’ll call you back
I’m hanging up

Once again, tonight, right here
You and I are alone
In this dark place
Without a word, with just your eyes
You tempt me, no one can know

In case someone sees
We dim the lights
In case she finds out
I put my phone on vibrate
In your shaking eyes for a moment
I hesitated oh no (oh yes)
But the secret starts again Continue reading “D2O – Secret (Can’t Stop Part 2) 비밀”

Chocolat – Get Up

Ho~ HaHa~ with new Generation Yeah~
This is Chocolat Ladys~ Yo Ready?

Start it now, let me be crazy
you don’t give up, don’t hesitate, let(‘s) dance
It’s too early to follow me from the start
let’s dance with me, follow me huh!

Hey look around, there’s no girl like me (no where)
Everywhere, the eyes on me are hot, follow me and dance (like me)
What you feel, can’t you feel it? It’s boiling inside (groove)
On top of a stage different from anyone else, I’ll throw my body Continue reading “Chocolat – Get Up”