Younha – Supersonic


Just wait a bit more because it’s not too late – cuz I say
Because the crumbled memories will raise me up – cuz I say

Just wait a bit more, I will take you – just stay where you are
It’s over now, the tiresome pain
Now I know who I am

* Supersonic, through your heartbeat
The heart-exploding pressure
Taking the burning road, I endlessly run to you
Supersonic, no more wasting
The eruption that came once again
Open your eyes, I’m standing in front of you

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Droopy Snail – Room Delinquent (방구석 날라리)


The very much long-awaited Friday
The Friday where I even ironed my socks

I just endlessly and nervously wait
For the phone call from my friends to go to the club

* But it’s already nine o’clock and there is no call
It’s almost eleven o’clock and I’m going crazy
At some point its’s two in the morning and I’m burning up
But without a doubt, without change, I’m stuck here in my room
Please take me out
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Princess Disease – Do You Know Or Not (알아요 몰라요)

You’re looking at me too, right?
Our eyes keep almost meeting
I guess you’re a bit shy
Actually, I’m shy too

Do I need to take a step forward and tell you?
Would it hurt for you to just come to me first?

Do you know or not, about my heart?
You know how I like you
But why are you playing hard to get?
Why do you keep making me anxious?
Hurry up and tell me straight up
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