Secret – Telepathy

Lalilali lalila lalilali lalila
Lalilali lalila kiss me darling

Our first encounter was so awkward but I didn’t hate it
I don’t know why but somehow I felt good

Your very sweet smile seemed very familiar
It kept making my heart race

I guess the destiny that I’ve been hearing about
My one and only love, who can save me

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H-Eugene (Feat. Playing Unni) – Party Animal

Yeah it’s all my party animals out there
We gonna party in the club you know what I’m saying?
You know what I’m talkin’ about (what’s up)
Let’s go, let, let’s go, let, let’s go (ya’ll be n the club) let, let’s go
This for ya’ll
What , what, what, what H-EUGENE

* On a good day like this, let’s have some fun
Go crazy over the music
We’re coming straight up go go go
It’s a good day today
The level of hotness is good too
We’re coming straight up go go go go

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MC Sniper – Mask Dance (탈춤) Arang And The Magistrate OST

Whoever you are, you come once and you go once
You will realize this once you lay and rest in your grave
Death is a part of life, things bloom and wither
Sending you off with tears, the darkness also erases this path
Cut up the guy called separation and carry on the brilliant dream
Stay up all night with open eyes but there’s a stampede of questions that can’t be answered
The rising sun and the setting sun both are losing its light
Now with a handful of ashes, I move my steps toward evil
I don’t care if I become an artificial flower with no scent
Every night my mother cries on top of her lungs
I pull out the nail that was hammered in her heart
And this is the last morning greeting I want to tell her
The crying wind has been hiding all night in the forest
I have no more lingering attachments – I will return my borrowed body
I played without regret at the end of my wanderings
Now I am roaming without my own consent, toward the underworld

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Secret – Poison

* You are my poison you are my poison
You filter into me, you dig into me, I can’t escape
You are my poison you are my poison
You break me down, throw me down, I can’t do anything

I don’t know why I’m doing this even though I know I shouldn’t
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, I keep thinking of you

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