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Pledis Girlz – WE

The same old day is starting and I’m opening my eyes without fail
A new tomorrow still feels so far away
I don’t think it’ll change, each day is the same
I’m sick of it, I’m getting tired already

But we know
That we believe in each other
We’re holding hands as we’re walking Continue reading Pledis Girlz – WE


Vernon (Seventeen) feat. Pledis Girlz – Sickness (병)

One moment
That’s all it takes to make your
people turn their backs against you
Even people I thought would go with me for all my life
They’ve turned their backs on me
Misunderstandings brought about misunderstandings
I can’t see a path to go back Continue reading Vernon (Seventeen) feat. Pledis Girlz – Sickness (병)