Younha – Wait For Me (기다려줘)


Words I say for the first time because I miss you
Words that weren’t familiar with me
I tried to think that you were just a passing by person

If I think about, there is a lot to remember
I guess we really did love
If it’s not too late, if you think the same as I do

* Wait for me – because I’m so slow
The accustomed longing finally awakens me now
Come back to me – my late regrets
If they are delivered to you, will it turn you back around?
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Younha – Cream Sauce Pasta


When I break down after suddenly realizing that I’m alone
In my imagination, you tip your shot glass and cover your head
As you sway and walk, you will see someone who looks like me
And with the chance that it might be me, you will take out your phone

You will talk of destiny as you say that all the reasons we fought don’t matter anymore
Saying that there is no one to hold me, who only needs you
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Younha – No Limit


I had a small dream that I sometimes remember
What I wandered to find as if I was possessed by somthing,
Like a childhood diary that I can’t even remember
Now it’s just a meaningless imagination that I forgot about

My grown-up thoughts now understand rough words
I lean and rest against the foolishness called dreams

* I was buried under many people
I was buried under these arrogant people’s habits
I am not I am, I yell at my hushed days

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Younha – Supersonic


Just wait a bit more because it’s not too late – cuz I say
Because the crumbled memories will raise me up – cuz I say

Just wait a bit more, I will take you – just stay where you are
It’s over now, the tiresome pain
Now I know who I am

* Supersonic, through your heartbeat
The heart-exploding pressure
Taking the burning road, I endlessly run to you
Supersonic, no more wasting
The eruption that came once again
Open your eyes, I’m standing in front of you

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