(Fly) I’ve got a vista I’m making it crystal
Clear, sisters So follow my vista
Hey I show you, mister (Hey mister woo)

You roam free in the sky, on the ground, you are superman
Come here and tell me (can’t you mister?)
Don’t you get scared if you fly that high?
I am trying to fly as well (to the sky high)

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G-Dragon – That XX (그XX)

I was walking down the street when I saw your man
(Yeah I saw him)
I saw that my predictions were right
(I told you)
He took off the ring you gave him and linked his arm around someone
I’ll just leave it at that
I don’t wanna hurt you

But you actually get mad at me
Saying that there’s no way he’d do that
(Sure you’re right)
I became aware of you being upset
And I said I must have seen someone else
Yes, I’ll lie for you
(I’m sorry)

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Rumble Fish – Don’t Live Like That (너 그렇게 살지마)

That’s not you, yeah, it can’t be you – maybe my eyes have gone bad
You said you were busy at work but why are you here?

That blue shirt, that wristwatch – I bought those things for you
But who is that girl who is clinging onto you?

I stared at you blankly for a while and the moment our eyes met
I saw your bewildered face and at that, I snapped out of it

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U-KISS – Cinderella

* Girl I want you to be my Cinderella
Why don’t you know how my heart is burning up like this?
I want your love I want your love (yeah x4)

No matter how much I run, I only linger by your side
(I’m a fool) I know I’m a fool and everyone makes fun of me but
(Your sharp) thorn is what makes me live again today
Why do you keep trying to push me out?

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