LeeSsang – Kyuksantawoo (격산타우)

*Stumbling here and there
Acting like I’m off-guard then,
I trick and kidnap you, who have been putting on fat here and there
And pitch the scream that I’ve been hiding
Alcohol over water, women’s breast over music
Money over love, let me live this way
I decided to rest a bit after being exhausted with life
But why are you guys glaring at me?
I’ve lived properly in my own way
For the half of my life
I need to break down, fall
And fail in order to see my future
**Laugh at me, louder
Wait up, I’m gonna put an end to everything
Laugh at me, so everyone can hear
Wait up, I’m gonna smash everything
Even if I quibble and stumble because I’m drunk
My head never stops working
Even if I’m stuck in corruption and become the victim of lust
I run that street anytime
Even if my eyes and words seem rude
There’s a justice alive, breathing in my heart
Like the sun, moon, day and night
I’ll be standing here even if things switch



The title of this song Kyuksantawoo is an advanced martial arts technique of hitting “the cow” that is behind “the mountain”. Basically, hitting your target that is behind an object.

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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