Celebrity Mentions

This is just a page to show off our celebrity mentions via various social media outlets 🙂



Sangchu of Mighty Mouth



Dana of The Grace

Kwon Soon Il of Urban Zakapa


Kim Bum Soo

Baek Ji Young

Yoon Il Sang

Simon D

Kim Jo Han


Gavy NJ’s Sihyun

Electroboyz’ Maboos


Son Ho Young

Dynamic Duo – Gaeko and Choiza

Tiger JK @DrunkenTigerJK

Lee Juck @jucklee

Yoon Jong Shin @MelodyMonthly

Infinite Challenge’s Jung Jun Ha @Juna0465

As One @lloveasone

Skull @skullriddim

Suh Young Eun @m2pooh

Bizzy @Bizzionary

Twi-Light’s Siwan @fuf8368

Don Spike @77donspike

Park Ji Yoon @Raellepark

Nine Muses’ Eunji @9m_eunji

Two Month’s Do Dae Yoon @dodaeyoon2

J-CERA @songsor1004

High Kick’s Julien Kang @JulienKang

Soul Dive @nuckdive, @souldivez, @DaftTheo

Ran @singer_RAN

Taesabiae’s Biae @TaeSaBiAE

Lay-T @LAYT1004

Tiger JK’s Father (lol!) @smilingrandaddy

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